FACES Course „Facial Reconstruction“

31 July to 01 August 2019 in Tübingen (Germany).

Forensic Archaeological Craniofacial Evaluation & Service (FACES) is a work group of the Paleoanthropology Department at Tübingen University (Germany), led by GfA member Katerina Harvati. The group promotes research and training in craniofacial identification and offers services in this area.

FACES offers the formation course „Forensic Facial Reconstruction Course“ covering the following topics: creating a biological profile (age, sex, ancestry), skeletal and muscular anatomy of the head and neck, facial soft tissue thicknesses, principles of forensic and archaeological reconstructions, prediction of the nose and mouth, regression formulas for determination of facial features and principles of craniofacial ageing. The course includes a practical facial reconstruction study.

Tuition fees are 900,00€ and include supplies and use of equipment and lunches. Get more information and register at the course webpage.