SGA Workshop „Modern Inhumations“

15 November 2019 in Basel (Switzerland).

The Swiss Society for Anthropology (SGA) and the Working Group for Historical Anthropology of Switzerland (AGHAS) will hold their annual meeting on 16 November 2019. On the previous day, there will be a workshop entitled

The value of modern inhumations for anthropological and archaeological research

Among other topics, the event will cover perimortem trauma, traces of medical treatment, organic remains and accompanying finds in modern burials. Instructors will be Geneviève Perréard Lopreno, Claudine Abegg (both from Geneva) and the GfA members Gerhard Hotz (Basel) and Negahnaz Moghaddam (Lausanne).

The workshop requires registration until 21 October 2019. A registration form is announced to be made available through the SGA website. Alternatively, forms can be requested from Martin Häusler at the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine in Zurich.