27th Annual EAA Meeting

8 to 11 September 2021 in Kiel (Germany).

The European Archaeological Association (EAA) will hold their 27th meeting under the motto

Widening Horizons

The conference is planned to be held in a hybrid format or exclusively online, depending on the development of the COVID pandemic.

Many sessions are connected to biological anthropology, e.g. the following:

#5 Understanding Prehistoric Demography

#149 Bioarchaeology of Health, Lifestyle and Social Change in the Later Middle Ages

#344 How Many People? Archaeological Approaches to the Study of Past Demography

#412 People on the Move: Changing Genes, Cultures and Languages

#421 Demography in Archaeology beyond Boom and Bust? Critical Examination of Phases of Under- and Overpopulation

#428 Adult Age-at-Death in Past Populations: Widening Horizons of Methods, Approaches and Interpretations

#468 Biosocial Archaeology: When Ancient DNA Opens the Discussion to Social Structures

#475 Human Bone and Tooth Artefacts in Hunter-Gatherer Contexts – Case Studies, Analyses, Interpretations and Theories

#533 Bioarchaeological Approaches towards Understanding the Impact of Different Forms of Crises on Human Lifeways

Contributions can be submitted until 26 February 2021. Early-bird registration at a reduced fee ends on 6 April 2021. Get more information from the conference website.