DAI Educational Videos on Bioarchaeological Sciences

The German Archaeological Institute (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, DAI) provides a series of educational videos through their channel on the video platform YouTube. The short films explain facets of archaeological research and target the general public.

Two of these videos were co-designed by DAI researchers Julia Gresky, who is also member of the Society for Anthropology (Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, GfA), and Emmanuele Petiti. Together they developed the ideas for these contributions and wrote the scripts.

The first video, A Spark of Bioarch – Ancient Rare Diseases, was conceived to mark the Rare Disease Day on 28 February 2021. In July followed Natural Sciences in Archaeology, presenting the interdisciplinary approach of the natural science disciplines represented at the DAI. A third video, ‚Reading the Ground‘ is planned to conclude the series by covering issues of taphonomy and burial customs.

All productions are entirely financed by the DAI and executed by the Berlin-based studio Die Erklärerei.

A Spark of Bioarch: Ancient Rare Diseases

Still frame from the video ‚A Spark of Bioarch: Ancient Rare Diseases‘