Doctoral Scholarships With The HIS

The Hamburg Institute for Social Research (HIS, Germany) offers up to seven fellowships for doctoral projects. Proposed projects must fall into one of the following research groups:

  • Sociology of Law (3 scholarships)
  • Democracy and Statehood (2 scholarships)
  • Macro-Violence (2 scholarships)

Proposals should be based in sociology, history, political science, law or ethnology while seeking an interdisciplinary context.

Applicants must have an above-average master’s degree in a list of disciplines, including anthropology. The scholarships include a monthly payment of at least 1,400€ and will be granted for two years with an option for an extension of up to two additional years. Get more information on the research groups, respective scholarship conditions and the application process from the fellowship notification. Application deadline is 01 October 2019, fellowships are scheduled to start on 1 December 2019.