GfA Meeting 2017: Proceedings Now Published

Anthropologischer Anzeiger

The 12th meeting of the Society for Anthropology (Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, GfA) took place in September 2017 at Geislingen an der Steige (Germany). Its motto was „Homo Hominis Lupus – Between Conflict and Cooperation“. Two years later, nine of the contributions to the meeting are now available in an edited volume of the Journal of Biological and Clinical Anthropology – Anthropologischer Anzeiger (Volume 76, no. 3).

The volume contains the following articles (names of GfA members are set in italics):

  • Why we share our cookies: Prosocial behavior from a psychological perspective (Anne Böckler)
  • Culture by Nature. Familial roots of ambivalent human social behavior and its cultural extensions in large-scale societies. A contribution of Human and Cultural Ethology (Christa Sütterlin)
  • The influence of war on population-based fracture distribution patterns: An example from medieval England (Chiara G. M. Girotto & Tina Jakob)
  • Modelling massacres. The agent-based modelling of catastrophic events using skeletal data from archaeological excavations (Andreas Duering)
  • Animal abuse – Child abuse. There is no biological necessity (Loukas Konstantinou)
  • Bioarchaeology of Bronze and Iron Age skeletal finds from a microregion in Central Mongolia (Gisela Grupe, Michael Marx, Pia-Maria Schellerer, Jan Bemmann, Ursula Brosseder, C. Yeruul-Erdene & J.-O. Gantulga)
  • RDFBones – making research explicit: an extensible digital standard for research data (Felix Engel & Stefan Schlager)
  • Vestiges of autopsies and surgical procedures in the “Baron von Asch” skulls of the Blumenbach Skull Collection in Göttingen (Kristina Scheelen-Nováček, Katharina Stötzel, Michael Schultz)
  • The present ecological situation of mankind – analysis and consequences (Carsten Niemitz)

Details on these contributions can be found at the journal’s website.